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"All On" Dental Implants

; ; Let's face it. No one wants to lose their teeth, no one wants dentures. While once the "go-to" option for whole arch tooth replacement, ; ;dentures are often uncomfortable and need replaced. Innovations in dental implants ;now allow a more permanent solution for patients needing to replace all of their teeth. ;

; ; ;Most simply described, ;"All On" dental implants are beautifully made replacement teeth, much like dentures, that are anchored into the jaw by implants. The implants hold the replacement teeth into place just like your natural teeth, allowing you freedom from many of the constraints traditional dentures create! "All On" dental implants are now the standard of care recommended by the American Dental Association for patients missing an entire arch of teeth. Whether you've already lost all of your teeth and currently use a denture, or are in need of having teeth removed, you could be a candiate for the "All-On" dental implant procedure.


How many dental implants are used?

In many cases as few as four dental implants, or as many as six dental implants will be used to secure your new teeth to your jaw. After reviewing clinical scans of your mouth, our doctors will determine how the unique structure of your mouth can be utilized to give your the new smile you deserve.

What are the benefits of "All On" dental implants?

Reliability, Affordability. When dental Implants and the implant retained denture are cared for properly, they will likely never need replaced. The average traditional denture will need replaced every five to ten years, meaning costs continue to add up over time.

Like natural teeth, they are brushed and cleaned ;

Unlike dentures, All-on-4 treatments do not have to be taken out, and there is ;no ;need adhesives for retention

Replacing missing teeth with "All-On" dental implants ;will help restore your facial features, enhance lip fullness and reduce wrinkles

Dentures only restore about 10% of chewing function, "All-On" treatment can restore 60%-80% of chewing function.

What steps are involved in getting "All On" dental implants?

First, because every patient is different, you can expect a one-on-one exam, CT Scan, and personalized treatment plan. You and your general dentist will work together to create your replacement teeth to be ready on surgery day. On surgery day you'll have your implants placed and immediate, temporary teeth placed. After follow up visits to ensure you're healing properly, your permanent teeth will be anchored into place. Yearly maintenance appointments protect the health and well-being of your implants, gum tissue and appliance. Our practice welcomes patients for this important step from all over the Baltimore area, even if we didn't place your dental implants!

Why should choose Towson Center for Dental Implants & Periodontics for "All On" Dental Implants?

Towson Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics' ;mantra is "a better choice, every step of the way." Our Towson area office is convenient to 695, and just a short drive from just about anywhere around Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Harford and Carroll Counties! We are not a one size fits all facility. Instead, we work closely with the providers who know you, and your medical and dental history best. Your general dentist is a part of your treatment and, in most cases, joins you in our office on your surgery day. We believe the choice is clear!

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