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Understanding Dental “Insurance”
By Stephanie Beeler
October 16, 2015
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     It’s October and that means enrollment season for many employers offering dental benefits.  Regardless of the season though, you’ll want to read through this post to understand what you can expect from your policy.

     Let’s start with our choice of words. Did you notice we said “dental benefits” rather than “dental insurance?” That’s because insurance is a bit of a misnomer here. Dental policies, whether offered through and employer or purchased on your own are an excellent resource to assist with payment for some dental care. But, unlike actual insurance policies such as home or some health insurance, they only provide a limited amount of coverage.  Do not expect it to cover the total cost of your entire treatment plan.

     Generally, a dental benefit plan is a contract between your employer, or plan sponsor, and the insurance company. These contracts vary widely, even within the same insurance carrier.

     Many policies come with a list of preferred providers. Whether or not you choose your dental care provider from this defined group may or may not affect how much is paid on your behalf, and how much you are ultimately responsible for. While our periodontal team’s first priority is getting you back to a state of health, your benefits may only cover the cost of the least costly methods of treatment, regardless of effectiveness.

     Towson Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics may estimate benefits payable for specific services. Actual payment by the insurance company may vary and any balance will be your responsibility. It is difficult to estimate benefit payments to specialist like ourselves for a variety of reasons. We will always give the most accurate estimate available to us, but cannot guarantee payment by your carrier.

     We ask that you arrive to your first visit with your active benefit card. If your carrier or plan changes please let our office know to avoid any delay in the processing of any claims.

Please reply to any calls by our office about your insurance promptly. In the event a claim payment is delayed, an inquiry by you to the carrier is always appreciated. Towson Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics will accept payment on your behalf from all benefit providers. We participate with many popular carriers. For a complete list, please give our office a call at 410.321.9477.


Understanding Insurance Benefits
By Debra C
October 26, 2015
Patients have a difficult time understanding that the treatment plan given to them is only an estimate of their benefits. . Even though you state," this is only an estimate, " that they don't hear Estimate.