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Chao Pinhole Periodontal Surgical Technique

Before & After

Before & After


What is the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique?
The Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique is a way to repair gum shrinkage through a pinhole in the gum without having to cut. The procedure was developed in 2006 and has been well received by the dental community and patients alike.

How long does the standard gum grafting procedure take?
The standard procedure requires cutting out a graft of the gum from the palate and grafting it to where it's needed. This creates two surgical wounds that patients have to deal with. To delicately cut and remove the graft tissue and attach it with sutures takes about an hour to an hour and a half for just one or two teeth. This requires the patient to recuperate for about two or three weeks. 

Why is this procedure different from other gum surgeries?
With the Pinhole Surgical Technique is that we don't have to perform graft. We go through a pinhole which is made by a needle, so there's no scalpel or cutting at all. Then we can literally shift the tissue down with very little trauma to the tissue. The procedure is minimally invasive. The tiny pinhole that's been made shrinks away by the next day. 

How long will results last?
This is expected to be permanent, and last as long as any other procedure. As with any dental procedure the results and outcome over time are highly dependent upon every patients ability to maintain a good at home oral care regimen including brushing and flossing as recommended. 

Does this procedure cure gum disease?
This technique is not meant to cure gum disease. The Pinhole Surgical Technique is meant to restore the gum line to normal. Any treatment for gum disease treatment must be done before having this procedure. So, we want to do it in a mouth that is not infected with any kind of inflammatory process, such as periodontal disease. 


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