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Treat severe gum disease and failing implants with a laser 

Once diagnosed, accepting periodontal treatment is critical to the health of your mouth and your body's ability to keep itself healthy. Traditional periodontal treatment often requires detailed and invasive surgery, sutures and frequent, monitored after-care. Baltimore area patients can now be treated with the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP). This laser offers many benefits over traditional therapy, even allowing patients on strict prescription regimens to recieve care without stopping critical medications such as blood thinners. We hope this comparison helps you make an informed decision concerning your care and treatment.

LANAP® vs. Conventional Gum Surgery 

Periodontal disease is very common, affecting more than 100 million people in the United States.  When it comes to treating gum disease there are essentially two options - traditional gum surgery or LANAP laser gum therapy.  

With traditional gum surgery, a scalpel is used to "flap" (or fold) the gums back to expose the roots of the teeth and the jawbone.  This allows our periodontists to clean tartar and debris from the roots and view the bone that supports the teeth. If there are any bony defects, the bone is reshaped or bone graft material is placed.  The gums are then sutured back in place.  Gum tissue may be surgically reduced to achieve a periodontal pocket that is 3mm or less to allow the patient to clean effectively.  For example, if you had a 6mm pocket reading, then 3mm of gum tissue would have to be removed to create a 3mm pocket.

In LANAP laser gum therapy,  no scalpels or sutures are used.  A laser fiber is placed between the teeth and gums into the periodontal pocket.  The LANAP laser then selectively removes diseased tissue lining the gums in the pocket and kills the bacteria as well.  The roots are then cleaned using an ultrasonic devise.  The LANAP laser is used again to seal around the area around the tooth.  This creates a clot seal that allows your body to heal naturally. Essentially, the difference is LANAP laser gum therapy promotes regeneration to reduce the periodontal pocket depths while Traditional gum removes diseased tissue to attain a healthy periodontal pocket depth.

The same laser used in the LANAP procedure can also be used to treat dental implants affected by inflammation. Inflammation around implants often damages both the soft tissues and the bone, and may cause implant failure. Treating this area non-surgically with LAPIP (Laser Assisted Peri-Implantitis Procedure) kills the bacteria causing inflammation, and spurs regeneration of healthy supporting bone structure. Doctors James Kassolis and Keyla Torres are proud to offer each of these treatments.

LANAP® PerioLase vs. Traditional Gum Treatments

24-hour recovery time with minimal discomfort.

Flap/osseous surgery, 2 to 4 week recovery with some pain and swelling.

Reduced risk of infection, decreased sensitivity and less bleeding.

Requires the suspension of many blood thinners and medications to avoid contraindications.

With proper at home care, 98% of laser treated patients demonstrate bone regeneration and remain stable after 5 years.

Does not stimulate bone regeneration, requires intensive after-care and monitoring.

Non-surgical, meaning no cutting, drilling or suturing involved.

Periodontists must cut and remove infected tissues and reattach gums with sutures (stitches). Stitches must then be removed.

No Cut,No Sew,No Fear

Could LANAP® work for me?


LANAP®, followed by a strict oral hygiene regimen including brushing and flossing ONLY as directed can dramatically improve the prognosis of your existing teeth. The periodontal specialists at Towson Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics can determine whether you are a candidate for LANAP® PerioLase treatment with an evaluation of your specific condition. They will check for bacterial gum infections, bone loss and screen your overall health to ensure the most appropriate treatment for you. Use our convenient appointment request form or call our Towson/Baltimore area office at 410-321-9477 to reserve your consultation today!

LANAP Resources

Having the right information available makes all the difference when you're trying to understand your healthcare, and dental, options. We understand and want to give you the tools you need to make the most appropriate decision for you.     

Please, take time to read or download our LANAP® Resource Booklet and familiarize yourself with the procedure that our dedicated team of specialists recommends for you. Or, use it to discover if you could be a candidate before scheduling a consultation with us. (Disclaimer- information provided on this resource page is not intended to diagnose any condition requiring treatment. It is provided for background uses only and will be referred to as an at home link to more information.)

Our patients tell us the LANAP® procedure is virtually painless and would recommend it to a friend. Call our office at 410.321.9477 to schedule an appointment today.

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