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Referring Doctors

Thank you for your trust and confidence! Our team strives to create an easy and seamless transition for your patients as they receive their dental care. To that end, we encourage you and your patients to check out our  Digital Library or read our Reviews. We believe patient education and reassurance will help our mutual patients reach their optimal health goals. 

  • Your patients should be advised that they will be seen first for an examination, and their treatment will occur at a separate appointment. This way we can further reinforce your suggestions as well as properly prepare them both in terms of pre and post-op care and finances.
  • Current x-rays are also helpful. We recommend an FMX for comprehensive cases, a PA for specific cases (excluding tissue grafts).
  • We have found that the highest referral follow-through happens when patients are scheduled while in your office. We know how busy things get, so if you call while your patient is there, we promise to do our best to quickly take care of your request.
  • For patients on alternating recall between our offices, please make sure to forward copies of your x-rays.
  • We welcome your phone calls and emails to discuss treatment prior to your patients coming in. The more information we share the better care the patient receives.


Symbiotic Dentistry 

Our doctors welcome a team dentistry approach for complex cases, including All-on-Four restorations. We are proud to offer treatment suites and accommodations for general dentists and assistants, while lab technicians make retrofit and adjustments on site.. Our surgical assistants and sterilization specialists will make the symbiotic experience as simple as possible. Joint treatment conferences make the experience smoother patients and offer them a chance to tour our facility and get comfortable with the new environment. Call our office at  410-321-9477 to discuss working with our team on your next periodontically involved case. 














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