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Trefoil Full Arch Dental Implants

Trefoil is a game changer for patients needing full arch teeth replacement on the lower jaw.

Trefoil is made by the same dental implant company that created the All on Four treatment concept, Nobel BioCare. Where "All on" uses four implants, Trefoil uses three implants placed in the lower jaw. Fewer implants helps make Trefoil a less expensive treatment option. Additionally,  Trefoil uses a standardized pre-manufactured bar with a unique fixation mechanisim. The Trefoil system is a cost-efficient solution that allows Immediate Function and makes fixed and definitive teeth on the day of implant surgery an option for more patients.

As the only certified providers of the Trefoil dental implant solution in the Baltimore| Harford | Carroll county area, you can see why Towson Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics truly is “a better choice, every step of the way.” With the Trefoil treatment protocol, Dr. James Kassolis creates a customized plan for your care. Using computer crafted, custom made surgical guides, extraction of remaining teeth, placement of your dental implants, bar and replacement teeth can take place in one day! Our Towson office is convenient to metropolitan Baltimore dental implant patients.

Technologically Advanced

The office of Towson Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics is equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment available. With Nobel Clinician® and i-Cat CT Scanning and digital technology on site, there’s no need to travel elsewhere for diagnostics, saving you valuable time.


Only providers specially trained and certified to use the Trefoil system can offer this unique treatment. First certified in November 2017, we remain  the only such providers in Towson, Maryland. Our staff is proud to serve patients throughout metropolitan Baltimore and surrounding counties.


We opened our doors in 1975, and since then have successfully placed thousands of dental implants. Our office is staffed with periodontal specialists, meaning we know how to care for the gums around your implants, giving them the best chance for lifelong success.

Trefoil could be an option for you! Let us help you find out, with a complete exam and consultation. Contact Us to schedule an appointment today!Not all patients are candidates for the Trefoil full arch teeth replacement. Cost and recovery time comparison based on alternative All-On-4 implant denture restoration. CT scans are required to determine candidacy. Restorations are performed by General Dentist or Prosthodontist.

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